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We provide the most integrated products and services in diversifying business that are all synergised one aspect to another with an advanced tools and technology.

As our project development, you can use our services, capability and network domestically and Internationally. With us you will have eyes and ears for an accomplishment of your real estate as we are able to follow up your project’s requirements instantly. 

This is what we exist for you, each doubt you might have will get an answer. We link those separate parts together that makes us unique becoming our differentiation, allowing you to get more than the simple sum of them. We will prevent you from unnecessary headaches in gain real estate project management, allow you to realize your project with confidence.

Visioning Synergy
Moiz Textile
MHG Starvo Laber

Established in China 1998, expanding to Indonesia in 2010

MG aims to become a global leader through its social innovation business with the goal of stimulating further growth. We have identified four growth sectors: Energy, Lifestyle, Real Estate and Technology to increase social, environmental and economic values for our customers in each sector.

our mission

To synergise real estate business for a better future within the society through the development of superior, original advanced technology and products. MG which celebrates the 22th year since its founding in China in 1998 and has been in Indonesia for the past 10 years. Has responded to the expectations of society and its customers through innovation.

our partners

strategic partners

Collaborative performance and share resources toward mutual success throughout real estate development sector and related supporting aspects within.

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